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One evening while browsing the wildly popular gay dating app Grindr, Sinakhone Keodara came across a user profile with just one short descriptor: That same day, he received a call from a friend on the other side of the country, who, like Keodara, is Asian American. The two men began talking about the exclusionary language they had recently seen on the app. Keodara, who immigrated to the U. So he took to social media last week and announced plans to bring a class-action lawsuit against Grindr for what he described as racial discrimination.

Gay Asian men bringing a national class action lawsuit against Grindr for race discriminations. One big legal hurdle for Keodara, however, is Section of the Communications Decency Act, which provides broad protection for digital platforms like Grindr.

This Is What It's Like To Travel As A Gay Asian Man

The group is open to all members of ConverAsians and their allies from all backgrounds. The SocialisAsians Facebook page can be found here. Data collected from the survey will inform programs that improve the health and wellbeing of Asian gay men.

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The survey is being conducted at selected venues around Sydney and is available in five languages including English, Chinese simplified , Thai, Vietnamese and Bahasa Indonesia. For more information, please contact us: If untreated, HIV weakens the immune system over time, leaving the person who has HIV open to other life-threatening infections. HIV can affect anyone. HIV is transmitted when infected body fluids blood, semen, vaginal fluids, breast milk or anal mucus pass from a person with HIV into the bloodstream of an uninfected person. HIV can be transmitted in a number of ways, but for gay men, anal sex without condoms is the most common way.

Other forms of transmission include vaginal sex without condoms and sharing of drug injecting equipment. HIV causes significant damage to the immune system over time when left untreated, although the precise impact can vary from person to person. Not everyone will get this illness. Being on appropriate treatment can reduce the risk of developing a range of health conditions associated with HIV. Studies indicate that starting treatment very soon after infection can make a significant difference.

Many people with HIV consider the condition a manageable illness. There are a range of ways to prevent acquiring HIV, referred to as combination prevention. In Australia it is recommended that PrEP is taking as one pill, once a day. This is why we encourage people who are taking PrEP to regularly check in with their sexual health provider. If any STIs do occur, get them treated and follow the advice of your sexual health provider. People who are using PrEP should consider maintaining their condom use, particularly for casual partners, until you are aware of their testing regimen.

Condoms prevent or reduce the exchange of semen, vaginal fluid or blood between partners during sex.

General Support & Services

Condoms also offer protection against a range of other sexually transmissible infections STIs. They do this by preventing the transfer of bodily fluids or by covering affected genital areas. Find out more about using condoms and staying safe. This means that HIV is no longer able to be detected in their bodies by viral load tests, meaning the amount of virus is their bodies is extremely low. In term of HIV prevention, there has never been a case of a person with an undetectable viral load passing on HIV to a sexual partner, a fact backed up by major international studies.

These strategies include: All these strategies carry risks that vary according to practice and circumstance. Find out more about risk reduction strategies. Testing regularly so you know your HIV status allows you to protect your health and the health of your sexual partners. If you find out you have HIV, you can then take steps to benefit your health, including talking to your doctor about treatment. You can help out by getting tested at least twice a year, or up to four times a year if you have more than 10 different partners in 6 months or have sex without condoms.

There are other testing technologies that are being assessed for use in Australia, such as home-based testing kits. More information will be provided on these as they become available. To find out more or to make an appointment to get tested in Sydney, please visit www. Sexually transmissible infections STIs are infections that are transmitted during sex through body contact or the exchange of body fluids i.

STIs can be caused by viruses e. HIV, herpes, genital warts , bacteria e. If you manage your sexual health and play it safe you can significantly reduce your risk of getting an STI, or passing it on to a sexual partner. Infection rates for some STIs — such as HIV, gonorrhoea and syphilis — are much higher among gay men than in the general population.

The best way to prevent HIV transmission among men is to have safe sex by using a condom and water based lubricant for anal sex. The site also has information for gay men about testing for and treating STIs, as well as the ability to make an appointment with one of our a[TEST] clinics for a test.

Participating in a workshop is a great way to make new friends in a safe social environment and to learn more about identity, coming out, sex and sexual health, HIV, relationships, the LGBTI community and other relevant topics. There are usually between guys in each group. University of British Columbia Press.

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Being Asian/Pacific Islander & LGBTQ | Human Rights Campaign

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